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At Kosters Motor Bookstore we treat all information about our customers confidently, we only use the information internally in the business, in connection with our debtor / creditor cartoons and accounting system ..

Køsters Motor Bookstore never shares information with other companies, as well as never transmits information to third parties.

Customers who have subscribed to our newsletter can always visit our online store at and subscribe to the newsletter as they can contact us per. mail or phone and get an employee to delete them.

All personal data is located on secure data server at data providers in a data center that also provides backup.

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Dear All,
Køsters Motorboghandel / Kosters Motor Bookstore is for sale
I would like to hear from any interested buyers.
Everyone is very welcome to contact me with questions or topics for clarification.
Tel. +45 22 61 62 10 or mail
Best regards
Tom Frandsen