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We are specialist in books and manuals on cars, motorcycles, tractors, trucks, boats, engines and so on. We have shop manuals, service manuals, owner’s manuals/instruction books, parts manuals, spare part catalogs, technical books, tune up books, as well as historical books.

We store an outstanding collection of 200.000 books from year 1886 until today and this is one of the largest collections in the world. Due to the sheer size of the collection we can offer almost anything on the market. If you do not find what you are looking for in the shop, we probably have it anyway, since we are just at the beginning of our digitalization process. We constantly add new material to the shop, so you will find new items every time you pass by our site. If you leave us a request, we will search for it and come back to you promptly. If you have feedback or good ideas for our website, please send us a note. You can write to us directly using the "contact us" spot on the website.

Who are we?

Kosters Motor Bookstore dates back to 1963 when the then owner, Jens Olesen, who was running a normal bookstore, saw a potential to buy up all the motor literature he could find all over the world. Initially, the motor bookstore formed part of the general bookstore, with placement on the first floor. Over the years the collection grew so much that the premises could not accommodate the now very large collection, and in 1985 he moved the motor bookstore to East Street 9 in Randers, Denmark.


During the entire period the motor store has been run according to the policy that we never sell the last copy of a book, but the customer can buy a reprint of it instead. This means that the collection remains intact and that it continues to grow for the benefit of customers, who can always get access to the very rare books which are used in connection with the use, refurbishment and maintenance of various motor interests.

In 2011 Jens Olesen desided to retire due to age, and sold the business to me.

I have continued to run the company with due respect for the expertise built up over the years – with an ongoing modernization. First step was to renovate the physical shop in Randers, and next step was the online shop you are now visiting. We are in this respect very interested in a dialogue with our customers so we can serve them in the best possible way. So we would love to hear from you as a customer if there is anything you would like we did in our new web-shop.

We also want to pass information to customers about our efforts through newsletters and via Facebook. Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter by signing up under "newsletter".

In December 2015 the bookstore was relocated to Vejlbjergvej 18, DK-8240 Risskov. 

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Tom Frandsen 

Køsters Motorboghandel | Vejlbjergvej 18 | DK-8240 Risskov | Denmark | Telefon +45 8642 6613 |

Dear All,
Kosters Motor Bookstore is put on sale at:
Bruun-Rasmussen Auctions
The Auction will run from:
August 6th - 2018 to September 7th-2018 at. 12.00 pm (Danish Time)
Interested can find the material on the Bruun-Rasmussen website
from 1/8-2018
Further information can be obtained at:
Lærke Bøgh, Bruun Rasmussen Auctions
Phone: +45 88 18 12 17
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Tom Frandsen
Køsters Motor Bookshop